A Toddler-Friendly Pond Study: How to Make a Splash!

A Toddler-Friendly Pond Study: How to Make a Splash! Do you remember doing pond studies in elementary school?

 I do! And it brings back such fond memories. 

A Toddler-Friendly Pond Study: How to Make a Splash!
Puddle jumping

Activity Sneak Peak:

  • Pond exploration
  • DIY pond at home
  • What sinks and what floats? 
  • Lily pad and frog jump activity 
  • Let’s make (and eat) pond mud! 
  • Making natural sailboats 
  • Sailboat send-off activity 

I remember our class trekking out to the local marsh to explore the ponds and learn about the creatures that live there. 

Looking back, I have mad respect for the teachers and parent volunteers who hauled a group of children out to play in the mud!

A Toddler-Friendly Pond Study: How to Make a Splash!
A Toddler-Friendly Pond Study: How to Make a Splash!

This past week our family explored several ponds in the area and did a few pond activities at home with the kids. 

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I’ve been sharing our family’s journey as we follow the Exploring Nature with Children nature study with our toddler and baby. 

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Pond exploration
Pond exploration

Here, I’ll be sharing the activities and experiences we had during our pond study week. 

Let’s dive in! 

A Toddler-Friendly Pond Study: How to Make a Splash! 

Going out to the pond

Throughout the week we visited several local ponds (and one river) for some playful exploration.

Pond exploration
Pond exploration

We noticed some similarities and some differences between the ponds. There we found similar pond life at some and different creatures and plants at others.

Amelia took a liking to the tiny shells we found and we brought a few home with us to add to our DIY pond.

Finding shells at the pond
Finding shells at the pond

But mostly, we just played in the water and got muddy. I just wish I had a Splashy suit like Amelia!

Bringing the pond to us! 

After visiting a couple ponds, we decided to make one at home!

No, we didn’t get an excavator and dig up the earth, but we did create a pond habitat in a bin we had at home.

DIY pond
DIY pond

We talked about what made up the ponds we visited and went from there. Then we filled the bin with water and Amelia added dirt, stones, leaves, rocks, and sticks.

Amelia added the tiny shells we brought home from one of the ponds for a finishing touch!

Adding shells to the pond
Adding shells to the pond

After checking on our little pond each day, we noticed changes as the week progressed. There were more leaves as the days went on and even a few bugs.

Since the warm weather is pretty well behind us, we didn’t have to worry about creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Sinkers and floaters

While we were setting up our pond at home, we were able to discover which materials float and which ones sink.

What sinks and what floats?
What sinks and what floats?

As Amelia was adding items to our pond, we noted that:

  • All of the rocks sunk.
  • Some leaves floated and others sunk.
  • All of the sticks floated.
  • The shells first floated and then sunk once the water made its way inside the openings.

A little lily pad activity 

One of our favourite books here is Little Yoga. The book is a playful introduction to yoga poses for toddlers and each pose is modelled by an animal.

Little Yoga book
Little Yoga book

Inspired by this book, Amelia likes froggy jumping around the house. We found a frog at one of our pond visits, so naturally we were inspired to pretend to be frogs at home.

I cut lily pads out of green cardstock and wrote each letter of Amelia’s name on each lily pad.

Lily pad activity
Lily pad activity

We then arranged the lily pads down our hallway to spell her name and had a blast jumping from lily pad to lily pad.

Even Brooksie partook in the game, but was more of a crawly frog than a real jumper yet.

Lily pad activity
Lily pad activity

Making (and tasting) “Pond Mud” 

Pond mud is delicious!

Have you ever heard those words together in a sentence before?

But really… it is the best. And by pond mud, I mean chocolate avocado pudding!

It’s also super simple and a great treat to make with little helpers- especially if you have a few ripe avocados to use up!

Chocolate avocado pudding
Chocolate avocado pudding

Pond Mud (Chocolate Avocado Pudding)

Serving Size:4
Time:10 mins


  • 3 ripe avocadoes, pits removed
  • 3 tbs cacao powder
  • 1/2 cup milk (we used homemade coconut milk)
  • 4 tbs maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Mash up all of the ingredients in a bowl and blend with an immersion blender until smooth.
  2. Transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate until chilled.
  3. Enjoy some pond mud!

Don’t forget to lick the spoon!

Pond mud can be refrigerated up to 4 days (but I guarantee it won’t last that long!)

Natural Material Sailboats

We went on a nature walk and collected a few colourful leaves and some bark that had come loose from a fallen tree.

From these items, we were able to make the cutest little sailboats!

Nature-made sailboats
Nature-made sailboats

Using the bark as the base of our boats, I had Amelia stick a wooden toothpick into the centre of each boat.

We then threaded a leaf onto each toothpick to create a sail for each boat.

Making our sailboats
Making our sailboats

Once complete, and after passing the buoyancy test in our kitchen sink, it was time to send them off!

A Sailboat Farewell

We have a river on our road that we like to visit from time to time.

There’s a bridge over the river from which you can look down and observe the water flowing.

The river is fairly slow-moving and seemed like the perfect place to set our sailboats free.

Sailboat send-off

We went down to the river with our little sailboats in tow and Amelia let a couple of them go along the riverbank.

Next, we went onto the bridge and dropped the last two boats from the bridge and watched as they peacefully floated down the current.

Finally we were able to see the boats go along the slower section of the river and then rush down the ripples of the quicker moving area.

Sailboat send-off

Amelia absolutely loved this activity. It’s definitely something we will be doing again!

Our first pond study was a wonderful experience and I look forward to revisiting the ponds again with the kids. I hope you found inspiration with A Toddler-Friendly Pond Study: How to Make a Splash!

We were able to see how the ponds looked during Autumn and noted:

  • Geese gathering together for their Fall migration.
  • Leaves falling and collecting in the ponds.
  • Cattails and milkweed going to seed at the edge of the water.

I can’t wait for us to discover how the ponds look at different times of the year. 

Pond exploration
Pond exploration

Let’s hear from you!

How have you explored pond life with your children? 

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